August 31

Write your story

Read the bubbles in the cartoon and in a blog post write about the way you spent your summer holiday!
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January 2

Express yourself in a fun way

Using emojis has been a fun way of writing a message. Emojis can be used in your student blog to engage a wider audience to your posts. Use this free site to generate a message with emoji-like characters.

Idea for your blog post 😆 : Write what impressed you most in your latest school trip.

Click on the emoji text generated for you on the site I’ve mentioned above, copy and paste your message in your blog post. Here’s an example:ℹ️    🕒ℹ️Ⓚ📧↩️    ✝️♓️📧    🅰️©️®️⭕️🅿️🅾️🕒ℹ️⚡️    📧❌♓️ℹ️Ⓑℹ️✝️💰 (:I liked the Acropolis exhibits).

P.S. I got inspired for this activity by J. Duncan.

October 8


Welcome to our new blog!

We are a primary school in Athens, Greece!

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The purpose of this blog is to encourage elementary school EFL learners to use English in a creative and authentic way. My ambition to engage students in blogging has just started being fulfilled! I hope my students will have a nice journey through this exciting experience!

Happy blogging!